Remnants of the Flare

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Remnants of the flare: By Kelton Wambu

How things came to be

The year is 2020, when humanity experienced the first of many global events that would change life as we know it forever. A pandemic that killed tens of thousands in just a few months, causing a global lockdown for six long months. Their efforts turned out to be in vain, however, as only a few months later, another lockdown occurred. Year 2050, the Earth has warmed up so much, that winter is nothing but a memory. Conditions comparable to that of the Sahara Desert now take up more than 50% of the world’s land area. Only Northern Europe and Northern North America are safe for human life now. The population has dropped to only 1,000,000 people, endangering all known life in existence. The humans were not worried, however, as the United Nations worked together to create a device that would cool down global temperatures, and save the world. They made only two of these devices, and were ready to use them. Everyone gathered in Chicago and Moscow for the launch of the devices that would save the world. Year 2100, everyone is now living happily once again with the genius devices working just as they were supposed to with no complications. January 20th 2120, 15:00. This was when a freezing winter day became the hottest day in human history. Everyone noticed it instantly and began to panic, screams heard from every corner of the earth. Cold Blooded animals die from Hyperthermia mere hours after the first wave of heat. With the second wave’s arrival, global temperatures reached up to 100 degrees Celsius. Scientists frantically began to investigate, and broadcasted the last words spoken before the demise of Earth as we know it. “Prepare yourselves, because-“and then it cut off, everyone is now searching for places to hide, willing to murder, just to get a safe place to hide from the solar flare. The third wave was the strongest, increasing the global temperature to over 150 degrees Celsius. This was when all of humanity looked up, and saw the brightest thing they have ever seen. Then, they see huge asteroids hurtling towards the Earth. These “asteroids” were actually pieces of the moon, heading towards earth at speeds of up to 5000 miles per hour, at temperatures hot enough to burn through the planet. And burn through, they absolutely did as all 500 pieces, each the size of Tasmania collided with the Earth’s crust and heated it up so much, that it became soft, and the debris went straight through the middle, cleanly cutting through the planet. Year 2150, humans have adapted to this new way of living, now they must take a rocket to get from London to Berlin. The remaining 500,000 humans decided to name each half of the broken Earth: WH, and EH (At this point they have evolved past the need for words, and now only use sounds like “geh” or “kih”). Humans took inspiration from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. With all the destruction that took place, tiny pieces of the Earth’s core broke off and collided with Venus and Mercury. This debris became known as the remnants of the flare, as it created an asteroid belt around the sun that they named “The Love Of God”. “Even though the sun did all this damage to us and our lives, God still forgave it, and gave it rings”- Pope Vellissi of the New Catholic Church, Vatican City.

Great Minds Think Alike

Year 2200, Humans have gotten used to their new way of living, many have even thought of the old planet Earth as nothing but a myth. One man, however, still lives to this very day, and was present at the beginning of the apocalypse. He used his own secretly developed technology to put himself into cryostasis, and went into a deep hibernation for the next century. When he finally wakes up, he decides to let everyone know about what happened to the world 200 years ago. “Attention, people of Colombus, I have a very important announcement! Now, I’m sure everyone here in the city centre today has heard of the story of the destruction of life as we knew it, 200 years ago. I am here to tell you that this is not a myth, but in fact, actually happened! I was there 200 years ago, when the Love Of God was first seen in our skies, when the solar flare destroyed our beloved moon and inner planets, when our Earth was whole. I had put myself into cryostasis in my own basement, in the year 2100, so that I could educate this generation today! This capsule that you see next to me on this very stage, is actually the world’s first portable cryostasis machine. You can trust me, as I am none other than the legendary, Johnathan Smithius!” The crowd was very displeased with the disruption to their day. The crowd had grown, and murmurs could be heard within. “I’m moving back to New York…” “This guy’s crazy!!” “Yeah! Kick him out!!” “Even Florida is more normal, Ohio’s crazy…”

This man, named Johnathan Smithius was one of the six smartest people across both halves of the world. He was from Canada, but moved to Ohio 3 weeks before he went into cryostasis. The great mind from South America was a Venezuelan woman named Martina Rodriguez. She had invented the first ever flying car to be available to the world. When she announced her invention, and demonstrated it in front of the people of Santiago, the whole world knew. Everyone was watching and 3,000,000 people had already made a pre-order.

Next was a man from Italy, who was, surprisingly, Vincent Mussolini himself, the founder of Core, a drink brand that creates fizzy drinks made from small extracts of lava from the free flowing part on the edge of each side, the only thing that connects the two pieces, mixed with the water in the Pacific Ocean. This drink was so good, that it beat out Cola-Coca in popularity.

Seo-Jun was a man from Korea who managed to single-handedly take down the oppressive rule of North Korean leaders, and restored peace to both halves, resulting in their unification. He now creates expert level swords, artillery, and armour for the Korean, and many allied countries’ armies.

Kalulu Otieno was a man from Kenya. He was a very fast runner, a high jumper, a strong thrower, and a very smart analyst. He helped with the making of Africa’s improved economy, now putting it on par with Europe in terms of money. This courageous man, managed to become the world’s richest man ever, even ahead of Mansa Musa, the thought richest man in history, despite all of the hardships that he faced along the way.

Lastly was a woman from Australia named Zoenius Eticus, the founder of Pear, a sport company that has rivalled even the likes of Apple in terms of income. She managed to boost the popularity of football, and rugby in Australia, due to the sheer quality of the balls and gear that she and her team creates.

These six people met in the capital of the world, Egniliosa, a large city built on a piece of the moon that went flying into the spot that it stays today. It is why the lava and water between the two halves can stay together without floating away. “We need to find a way to put the Earth back together.” Seo-Jun said as they entered the meeting room. “But how could we possibly do such a thing?” Zoenius asked, looking puzzled. “Well of course I would be the one who knows the answer!” Johnathan exclaimed. What is it then?” Vincent asked. “WELL, IT IS QUITE SIMPLE REALLY, ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS MAKE A MACHINE THAT CAN GENERATE A STRONG ENOUGH MAGNETIC FIELD THAT CAN PULL THE PLANET BACK TOGETHER, THEN WE USE MY GIANT RADIATOR TO HEAT UP THE PLANET TO SEAL IT!!!!!!” Jonathan yelled. “You don’t have to be so loud, you hurt my ears just by talking!” snapped Martina, feeling quite annoyed. “Is this better for your feeble eardrums?” “Yes, that’s much better.” “So, how do we get the funding?” asked Kalulu. Everyone turned slowly to look at him. “Wh- why are you looking at me like that?” he asked, not enjoying all the attention. “You know exactly why.” Said Zoenius. “Oh yeah…” Kalulu said, finally understanding. “So how much would it cost?” Vincent asked. The room was filled with silence for ten seconds before Zoenius finally says, “Aha! I’ve got it! It would cost approximately 500,000,000 US Dollars.” “That’s more than half of my money!!!” Kalulu exclaims, not wanting to give up his title to Melon Usk.  “I miss the old Earth…” Johnathan says, zoning out. “You’ve told us many times before.” Seo-Jun said, looking very unimpressed. “Ugh, fine then, I’ll do the funding.” Kalulu says reluctantly. “I’ll make the machine. I’ve always wanted to do something like this!” Says Martina excitedly. “Well then, the rest of us will do research and calculations to help you get everything right. I suppose this plan is in full motion.” Says Seo-Jun, feeling a bit nervous about the whole project.

A Successful Plan

In the year 2210, everything was in place. They had the spacecraft, the giant heater, the magnet, and the funding. As they took off into space, they realised that they forgot the heater in the meeting room. “I have… bad news.” Said Johnathan. “I may or may not have forgotten my heater back in the meeting room…” “HOW COULD YOU HAVE LOST THAT THING?!?! IT WAS BIGGER THAN YOUR EGO!!!!” Yelled Kalulu, not wanting all the money he put into this project go to waste. “But good news, I have a backup that I keep in my pocket at all times!” Johnathan said, looking relieved. “Good, now shut it, I’m trying to think over this plan of ours again.” Said Martina. “Okay, okay…” Johnathan replied. Once they made it to space, they landed in the city of Keneh, the most important city in the world. Keneh is situated in between the two halves of the Earth, making it the perfect place to put it back together from. They floated up above the NC tower in the middle of the city, and activated the magnet. At first, it seemed to be going well, until they realised something that they completely overlooked before: Magma contains metal. So, as the magnet seemed to be pulling the Earth back together, it was actually pulling the magma towards them. They noticed too late, however, and were consumed by the magma, including the whole city of Keneh. There was only one survivor, Johnathan Smithius. His ‘Backup heater’ was actually something that would protect him from magma, as he knew that this would happen. As the magma drifted off into space, he said, “Ah, a successful plan…”


The reason behind the betrayal was simple, Glory. If Johnathan was the only one to fix the Earth, he would get all the praise and money for it, and would be a legend forever.

How it came to be

Back on the fixed Earth, Johnathan was swarmed with interviewers, all asking him about his great feat. “So, how do you feel about saving all of humanity by yourself?” One reporter asked. “Of course I feel brilliant, but really, it was just me being me again.” Johnathan responded with his head held high. Another reporter asked, “How did it become just you saving humanity? I thought it was a group effort?” “You see, they all helped me with the plan and resources, but decided to bail at the last minute. They knew that everyone would hate them for doing such a thing, so they hung themselves out of pure shame!” He responded. “I do feel sorry for them though, it’s a real shame that they couldn’t be praised for doing this.” “Wow… that’s unfortunate…” The reporter responded. “I must go; my planet needs me!” Johnathan said as he flew off with his jetpack. “Sometimes, I question if that man is genuine or not, but I know he is just pure cringe.” Said a man in the crowd.

The End.

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